Commercial Property Loan Refinance

We understand the needs of every business owners that time is money. The hassle of calling to all the banks to enquire for all the interest rates can be very time-consuming and at the end of the day, business owners are unable to get the right bankers to help them and might not even get a call back from the banks. Fortunately, we have the platform to help customers access to all the banks and they can get all the rates from the banks and financial houses almost instantly. Business owners no longer have to go through the traditional ways to get the best mortgage rates in town!

Why Would a Business Refinance a Commercial Mortgage?

Lower Rates

Taking advantage of lower rates is a great way for businesses to save money on the cost of their mortgage. If you have an adjustable rate mortgage on your commercial property and market rates drop, you may want to refinance your current mortgage into a mortgage with a lower rate – which could save you money. But be careful, as refinancing your mortgage will have fees associated with it that may negate much of the savings.

Longer Terms

By lengthening the terms of your mortgage, you may be able to reduce your monthly mortgage payments tremendously. By extending a term from 3 years to 25 years will dramatically reduce monthly payments, and may relieve strain on the small business’s cash-flow.

Avoiding Balloon

One structure of a mortgage is to have smaller monthly payments during the term, and at the end of the term the full remaining amount will be due, leaving the business with a massive payment to make. Rather than get stuck making such payment, many commercial property owners will refinance their mortgage before such balloon payment becomes due.


If a commercial property’s value is worth much more than the current mortgage balance, the property owner could tap into that equity by getting a cash-out refinance loan. A cash-out loan is especially helpful for commercial real estate owners looking to build-out a property, to help with tenant improvements, or to use for other working capital uses.

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