MSA20 Saver Property Finance Plan (Open To All Nationalities)

This is a new initiative by the people at Mortgage Specialist Asia to help new and existing homeowners to save up to 20% on their property purchase. The partnership with a very established Financial Institution has empowered us to provide a complete plan to get your first or subsequent property (local or overseas) at up to 20% off the purchase price in the long run. As this is a very customized proposal, we would need to advise you face-to-face. Want to know more? Just leave your contact with us and our experienced Mortgage Specialists will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

Benefits of MSA20 Saver Plan


An investment unfolding

Make your local or overseas property work for you!


Grow your cash

Make your cash onhand work for you!


Save on your first and subsequent property

Save up to 20% on your purchase.


Time to profit on this dreary property market

A long-term investment plan that can potentially yield substantial profits.

What are you waiting for? Get your property plans up and running today!