Property Cash Out Business Loan (Singapore Only)

Due to the new assessment of the lending requirements, individuals might not be able to get the sufficient funding if they are looking for their business. Property cash out is growing in trend as now, individuals have the alternative and option to fund their business expansion. Instead of going through the conventional ways of approaching the banks or financial institutions, we work with our various partnering financial institute, to provide you with the simplest business loan in Singapore. Please note that this service is offered to business owners in Singapore with local commercial or private property only.

Benefits of Property Cash Out


Lower interest rates as compared to business loans

Enjoy very low-interest rates when you take up our Property Cash Out service. Business loans offered by banks usually have a higher interest rate pegged to it as compared to private financial institutions. Our partners will ensure you get the lowest interest rates ever.


Cash out your property without selling it

Selling a property to fund a business always sounds like a good idea, only when you have made a profit from the original value you paid for. If the valuation of your property is loss-making, the alternative would be to cash it out for a loan while waiting for it to appreciate before letting go.


Cash flow for business expansion & opportunities

As a business owner, expansion is inevitable when you sense the bright outlook it holds. To put certain plans on hold when opportunity knocks can put you in a dilemma when you just do not have the extra funds available for it. With our Property Cash Out service, you can now make your global domination dreams come true.


Fixed interest rate for the next 3 years

The main advantage of this service is that the interest rate will not be a variable. You can put your mind at ease for the next 3 years as it will be a fixed rate on your total loan amount.

What are you waiting for? Get your business plans up and running today!